Knossos Palace Reconstruction Crete 3D

This video shows a digital reconstruction of the palace at Knossos.


La Quemada

La Quemada is a Mesoamerican archeological site It is located in the Villanueva Municipality, in the state of Zacatecas, Guadalajara, in Mexico. This place is said to be a fortress against a lot of tribes. Over the years this place had adapted to any tribes usage in there advantage. This place was visited many times by the Aztecs in their migration down south. This place was said to be developed by a mythical story called “the seven caves ”

Gael garcia


Palmyra, Syria

An ancient Syrian city, Palmyra is full of timeless scenic views. It appeared in the Bible but is actually at the crossroads of several different civilizations. There is so much so see such as the Tetrapylon, the Temple of Bel, the Tomb of Elahbel, and the amazing Palmyra Castle. Often called the ‘Bride of the Desert’, Palmyra is a perfect example of a well-established kingdom from the 2nd century BC. ~ Sabrina Cruz

Cuneiform Math Tablet

My impression of the Sumerian culture was that they were pretty ancient and very intelligent. Well they are not very ancient, but they were really advanced in various areas. On of them was math, as this article discusses, the Sumerians were ahead of its time with regards to mathematics. Archeologists have found a tablet with Sumerian math; pretty impressive, they even had fractions.–Jankley Garcia.Image